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Runaway Jim Bass Tab Mike Carcaise mrminor3@aol.com I listened to a few versions of this song to get a basis for what to put down - mainly 6/30/00 and 7/25/92. The notes in parentheses can be substituted with many variations D C G G----------------------| D----------------------| A-5-----5--3-(2)-------| E---5-7----------3-(5)-| C G/B Am F G--------------------| D--------------------| A-3----2----0----1---| E--------------------| After the "Whoooaaaa, ooohhhh, ooohhh, ooooohhh" part there seems to be a D chord followed by an A chord before it goes back to the verse. Middle Jam: I have found this to be very similar in many versions of the tune. Of course Mike throws in variations all the time, but he keeps this groove going until they go back into the verse. G----------7-7----7-----| D-----7h9------9-----9--| A--5--------------------| E-----------------------| The end jam is in D.