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by Phish

Transcribed by Phil Lucks

For the most part it's all:

G |-------------------------------------------

D |--------7---------------------7-----------

A |------7---------------------7-------------

E |---5---------5-5--------5----------5-5---   


That repeats a lot.  Im not sure of the slap section, but when they come back in from that little break and Trey's pick slide, it's:

G |-------------

D |---5---7---

A |------------

E |-----------

Thats all the important stuff

Eric Oberbrockling offers a different view:

While what u have is basic, it is all in the technique (and that phat bottom end!!!)  SO, unless you got a lotta rack gear, get a 5 string.

Here's what I make of it, and this sounds alot closer to the album...the slides are kinda iffy timewise -

G -----------------------------------------------------------------

D -----------------------------------------------------------------

A -------------------10h12--------------------10/12----------------

E --------8/10--------------------8/10-----------------------------

B --10-10------10-10-------10-10-------10-10--------10-10----------

Ok, as you can see, this is tabbed for a 5-string.  If you don't know

how to transcribe it to a 4 string, you shouldn't play bass.

When playin the A octave (12th fret on A string) variate between sliding and hammering .. it sounds like all hammers on the album but you can hear some slides too...this is the technique I think Mike defintely uses and if u got a 5 string, that A on the B string just fuckin blows your  mind!!!

12.49 02/17/99

D -10-12---------10-12-------10-12-------------------

A ---------------------------------------------------

E --------10-10--------10-10-------10-10-------------

B ---------------------------------------------------

That's the change to D, very simple.  I have no idea what the slapping

part is because I am a guitarist and not a bassist and I cant play like Les Claypool =)

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