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Life Boy
From: Jon Harrod, submitted by Chris Corsale (ccorsale@cosi.stockton.edu)


The verse chords are like so:    

  F            G           C               F       F
swinging on a life line, fraying bits of twine 

    F             G                C            F     C/E
entangled in the remnants of the knot i left behind

     Dm            G               C          F     C/E Dm C Bb
and asking you to help me make it finally unwind

Before the chorus, he hits a Bb chord, then staccato chords, Bb and G/B.  Here are the fingerings:

    Bb         G/B

The chorus goes like this:

     C         Bb    F
but god never listens 

(insert the Bb and G staccato chords here)

to what i say

Repeat this, the second time going to an Am instead of C on the word "say"

...Am     Bb   Am      Bb    C   
      so very,     so very  hard

                     G      F           (cut to intro) 
and you don't get a refund     if you overpray

The chords for the break are these:
C G7 (2x)
C G7 C F (2x)

C           C11  F Fm  (2x)

C F C F C G F C/E Dm C