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Down with Disease
by Phish
From: Chris Corsale (ccorsale@cosi.stockton.edu)
Mike starts, then Trey comes in with a D#9 chord on beats 2 and 4.  he does the chords for 3 measures and then slides from an F chord
to a G.

So you do the three hits on D#9, then F to G.  Letís call this part I.

Part I twice, then let Mike do his few measures, then kick in with part I
one mre time before cutting to a verse:

A----(let chord ring, pray for sustain)
part I twice
A----(same as above)

part I one and a half times;  second tome through, don't play the F/G, instead, take the D#9 chord, and play, on the repeated line:

 D#9     C##9  C7
"dancing on my lawn"

A / A / G / D / G / D / G / C   2x
"stop stop..."part:  A / A / G / D   2x

Do another verse, then another chorus, and another "stop" part. then there's a guitar solo over:

C / D / C / D / C / D / E / E   2X

Trey ends the solo with a lingering, jimi hendrix-sounding note.  Mike repeats the intro in the key of E instead of D, and you hit an E#9
chord to cut it off.

Cut to the chorus, and a stop part.  continue the stop part, and Trey's line at the end goes like this: