20 Years Later-Acoustic:Transcribed by Douglas Talley  coltfan420@msn.com


(please feel free to correct and someone please do the next part!!!)


Verses sang over noodled B on the first 3 Lines and noodled A over the fourth.


      B(1) chord for verse                  A(1) chord for verse

(Dstrg) ----9---------------------------7------

(Gstrg) -----8---------------------------6-----

(Bstrg) ------7---------------------------5----

(Estrg) ------(7)-------------------------(5)— (optional notes)


B chord type 1(noodled)

I can hold my breath for a minute or so

Five days without food is as long as I'll go

I didn't sleep once for four days and three nights


A chord type 1(noodled)

I once didn't stop for seven red lights


B chord type 1(noodled)

I jumped into water that's fifty degrees

I've rowed in a kayak in thirty-foot seas

I've stayed in the woods for a week with a knife


A chord type 1(noodled)

A flint, when I lost it, nearly cost me my life



G >F#> E

Twenty years later, I'm still upside down


(Chorus) Now regular barré Chords

         B(7th Fret) G                   A(5th Fret)

It's a small world, but it's turning real fast (We're upside down)


         B(7th Fret)G                   A(5th Fret)

It's a new day, and the morning has passed (Turned upside down)


         B(7th Fret)>E(7th Fret)>A(5th Fret)>E(7th Fret)

It's a short road, but the mountains are tall (Lived upside down)


         B(7th Fret)G(3rd Fret)    A(5th Fret)         E(2nd Fret not barred)

It's a small world, but we all start out small


(All the same for the next verse too)


Thanks and have phun!!!!



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