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From: John.Greene@student.umass.edu (John Greene)
From: David Douglas McCallum <netmail!kcjonz@wam.umd.edu>

             G                 C
The pressure builds, you buy a gift.
              G                    F
You're hoping that your dread will lift.
            G             C
It glitters on her like a glass.
            G     D        G
You shudder as it comes to pass.

     G                  C
Apologize, to Luce' and Lil',
              G                F
Converse with Ed, A drive with Jill.
                G                 C
Your friends confine you in their worlds,
       G     D         G
One by one,a string of pearls.

   G                   C
Confused you say, this isn't me,
    G              F
You hover in their unity.
 G                 C
Ashamed you slowly lose your grasp,
G                    D      G
Release the links, undo the clasp.

    G                    C
The skin that drips down from the tree,
    G                 F
And peels back slowly from your knee.
 G               C
Erupts into your lung at heart.
    G         D         (G)
You Laugh and laughing, fall apart.

Laugh and laughing, fall apart.(x28)
Laugh and laughing, fall apart.(x14)

The F really makes the difference here.... Without it, it's like any other 1-4-5 kind of song....

For any interested:
This is not a tab submission as such, but rather alternate, and imho better chords
for "sparkle". the chords in the currently posted version are:
                   G C
                   G F
                   G C
                   G D G
i play a slightly modified progression:
                   C F
                   C Bb
                   C F
                   C G C 
i start the song w/ open chords and use barres further and further down
as the "laugh and laughing" jam builds. an easy song and fun to jam on
in the wee hours of the morn'. a few chord shapes (besides open chords) to try:
             (strings) E A D G B E
           (chords) C  x x 5 5 5 x 
                       x x 10 9 8 x
                       x 15 14 12 13 x
                    F  x 8 7 5 6 x
                       x x 10 10 10 x
                       x x 15 14 13 x
                    Bb x x 8 7 6 x
                       x 13 12 10 11 x
                    G  x x 5 4 3 x
                       x 10 9 7 8 x
                       x x 12 12 12 x
 Ben Whitlock