listen to the cd for timing.....

A little piano, then
F  Am

Verse 1:

G                F               C
There is a place on the mountain nearby

G                F      C
Deep in a cave but itís up rather high

G         F        C
There in the darkness are safely concealed

G                  F      C
All of the dreams that you never revealed

Chorus 1:

F       C       F      C  
If you go there and after you do

F        C           G
All of these dreams would be yours to pursue

 Am        C     F       C
The rest of your lifetime devoid of a care

   G                     F       C
If you keep your eyes open you may find yourself there

Verse 2:

G        F      C
Such is the promise, such is the curse

G                   F     C
You could just live your life better or worse

G         F       C
Knowing the cache of dreams up on that hill

G                    F        C
Beckons and sways but won't bend to your will

Chorus 2:

You might find a river under a mountain
That feeds a remote subterranean fountain
Drink from this, taste just a hint of a dream
That somehow leaked into the underground stream

Repeat Chorus 1
Intro again
Guitar solo over verse chords
Piano solo over chorus chords
Repeat Chorus 1
Repeat first half of last line of chorus 1
End on intro