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by ??
from <Iam4trey@aol.com>
corrections <tabs@redmedia.com>
This song is a really wierd blues formation - 9 bars? Maybe I counted
it out wrong.
| x  x  x  x  |  x  x  x  x  |  x  x  x  x  |  x  x  x  x  |
  Bb    Cm7Dm7   Eb             Bb             Eb         
| x  x  x  x  |  x  x  x  x  |  x  x  x  x  |  x  x  x  x  |
  Bb             F              Eb             Bb 
| x  x  x  x  |

  Eb Bb Eb Bb
 Anyhow, the words are:
Got a bird, oh it whistle
Honey got a bird, baby got a bird who sing(?) (rpt.)
Without my Corrina, sure don't mean, sure don't mean a natural thing.

You made me.....(???)
Honey for I call, baby for I call your name
Baby for I call, Honey for I call your name
I wouldn't trade you're love for money
Baby you're my one light(?), baby you're my one light flame.

Have mercy, have mercy
Baby I'm a hard luck, honey I'm a hard luck soul
Got a rainbow round shoulder, shine like silver, baby look like (?) gold.

little jam part.

Repeat 1st verse.

Corrina, Corrina(4x's)