Dogs Stole Things

Phish (unreleased)



Pretty much every chord in this song has a seventh on it and you can fiddle around with the minor 3rd -> major 3rd with every chord as well.



|C       |D       |A   D   |A D A   |  x2


Verse 1:

A           C               G

Dogs stole, things I needed bad.

D    Dm           A

Cats took, what I never had.

A            C         G

Pillows for, my aching head.

D          Dm         A

A glass of milk, next to my bed.



E                  A/E   E     A/E

The creatures that seem, oh so kind.

E             A/E      A

Can sleep all day, and ease your mind.

E             A/E     E      A/E

At night they softly, paddle on.

A                         C        D

And look to steal things, that you own.


Verse 2:

A                C              G

So now I lay me, down to sleep.

D         Dm         A

I pray to lord, that I might keep.

A                     C        G

My soul for one more, night or two.

D            Dm         A

And hope the creatures, never do.


[Repeat Chorus]


Piano Solo over Verse

Guitar Solo Chorus then Verse


[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 2]

[Repeat Intro]


End on A


Intro (play loosely):


 C         D         A  D     E      D



G---5---5------7-7----6---7-7-----9---7--6-  X 2