Golden Age

TV On The Radio


Heartbeat sounding, Ricocheting in their cage

Thought I'd lose my balance, With the grounds bounce and sway

And all this violence, And all this goes away

And the vibes that rise like, Fireflies illuminate our play


Some light being, Pulled you up from night's party

Said clap your hands, If you think your soul is free

And the silence was astounding, 'cept some "Oh Lord!! Mercy Me's"

And oh you can't stop what's comin' up

You're never gonna stop gonna live it up

And oh it's gonna drop gonna fill your cup, And oh it's gonna drop gonna...



           C           Bb                   C       Bb

The age of miracles               The age of sound

               C             Bb              C                           Bb

Well there's a Golden Age             Comin' round, comin' round, comin' round


Give it up, 'stead of grabbing for decay

What we viewed as gold, I believe pollutes this space

And its grace ascending, like a snake up your tree

Up your happy ending understanding, all your s'pposed to be


Let it move right in, Let it kiss your face

Let it sew your skin, In perpetual embrace

Like I said Love's Light is Laughter, Like the sun spitting happiness into the hereafter

Oh here it comes like a natural disaster

Oh blowing up like a ghetto blaster

Oh here it comes, bring it faster, Oh here it comes...





C               F

Love, don't you falter


Burning hearts, dragged behind


The horses dancing on the altar


Hooves breaking Gods


To diamond dust and stars, and there you are...


Now we're all allowed to breathe,

Walls dissolve, With the hunger and the greed,

Move your body, You've got all you need

And your arms in the air stir a sea of stars, And oh here it comes and it's not so far


All light beings, Come on now make haste

Clap your hands, If you think you're in the right place

And the thunder all surrounding

Aw feel it quake with the joy resounding

Palm to the palm you can feel it pounding

Never give it up you can feel it mounting

Oh its gonna drop gonna fill your cup and, Oh its gonna drop gonna...




WHAMMY: C-F (4x)


C               F

Love, don't you falter (repeat, jam)


Verse riff:




Chorus riff: