by Phish
By: Ryan Chamlin (
 Intro-I'm not sure if the intro is single note, or pieces of chords, but
 I'll write it out as if it's chord pieces, and if you don't like how it
 sounds, then just play the bass note.
This should be transcribed up a half step, though some of the fingerings 
 would have to change
Verse/Chorus-These two are the same-the chords don't change for the rest
 of the song.
 Ebm7  Ab7  Db7  Ebm7
 Chords are played like this:
 Ebm7                 Ab7                     Db7
Page's solo:     Ebm7    Ab    Db    Ebm7
                 Ebm7    Ab    Db    Bb         
There's a mouse starin' out of the window
His car is trapped in the snow
He's planning a family vacation
But he just can't go

Around the next corner's a red bird
His feathers are trapped in a sling
He's passed by some gunslinging parrot
Who's jealous he ain't got no grin

There ain't no time to stash the gumbo
Or rattle around in a cage
The sacrificed child's made bubbles
And spittle is everywhere enraged

Ina hot sand or ina my feet
They're blistered and caked with debris
Chez rolez got in a toe port
While Angry piddles with glee

There's a fool writing notes out on sandpaper
He's sending them off to himself
He gets them a couple days later
Who put them along his top shelf

If you get tired of shavings
And carve up a good hunk of wood
Remembering to check on the sausage
He's got cooking somewhere look good