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My Soul
by Clifton Cheneir
transcribed by Emil Hedaya (skjut@usa.net)
It's your basic 12-bar blues with a nice little bassline-type thing in the 
              Progression I    Progression II      Progression III
           *****************    *****************    ************         
Why do I    sit and cry   
without a reason   I don't know why
It's my soul   It's my soul
        [III]       [II]       [I]
It's my soul, people   it's my soul
If I should come up and run
without a reason ??????
It's my soul  it's my soul
It's my soul, people   it's my soul
M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-my soul, it's my soul (you get the idea)
Then Jam over a basic 12-bar blues:
E for Four bars, A for Two, E for Two, B for One, A for One, E for Two