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Satin Doll    

from clinton vadnais <cleantone@hotmail.com> 

        Dm7        G7      Dm7    G7

        Cigarrette holder, which wigs me,

        Em7      A7        Em7  A7

        Over her shoulder, she digs me,

        Cm  D7      Abm7 C#7   C7    - C#dim

        Out cattin' that Satin Doll.
        Baby shall we go out shippin',

        Careful amigo, you're flippin',

        Speaks latin, that Satin Doll.
        C     Gm7      C

        She's nobody's fool,

               Gm         C           F

        So I'm playin' it cool as can be.

             Am7       D7

        I'll give it a whirl,

            Am7           D7           G7

        But ain't for no girl catchin' me!

        Telephone numbers, well, you know,

        Doing my rhumbas with Uno,

        And that 'n' my Satin Doll.
Exit:   D7 - G7 - C7