Strange Design
From: Herschel Gelman

B   Em         C     D
I'm needing

                 G      D
less restraint before

B   Em         C     D
I'm needing

to hit the lights and close the door

    D         Em           C D
I'm fine, I'm fine, 'cause I'm...

G             Am
Dripping in a strange design

Bm                C
none is yours and far less mine

G               Am
hold the wheel, read the sign

Bm             C
keep the tires off the line

G                 Am
just relax you're doing fine

Bm               C
swimming in this real thing

         Am              A
I call a life, but can I bring

         C       D       G
a few companions on this ride?

[Second verse, same chords as before:]

I'm feeling my heart's not beating anymore
I'm feeling it's all right this happened once before
I'm fine, I'm fine, 'cause I'm...

[Back to the chorus]

That's it.  Pretty simple, lots of fun to play.  Enjoy!