Summer Of ‘89



   G          D

We danced all night

    Em      C
And swam at dawn

       G         D      G
In the summer of eighty nine

    G               D
Our lives stretched out

       Em      C
Like a rolling lawn

       G         D      G
In the summer of eighty nine

Em        D        G
I see you standing there

Em      D                 G
In that dress you used to wear

    G        D
You stole my heart

Em           C
But I didn't mind

       G         D      G
In the summer of eighty nine


C                      G
Brazilian music on the stereo

C                            G
We hiked the long trail to a spring

C      G    
I took blades of grass

G   D            G
And I wove you a ring


[Interlude over first half of verse]

Our eyes were bright
But our smiles were worn
In the summer of '95
On the road
When our first was born
In the summer of '95

We'd sing to put her down
As the bus rolled out of town
We were driving blind
No clue where we'd arrive
In the summer of '95

Life changes, time presses on
It seems each year goes faster than the last
No, it's not that I don't like the way things are
But lately time just drives me right back to the past



[Interlude over first half of verse; then:]




D D   D > Dsus4 > D     D > Dsus4 > D     D > Dsus4 > D

G (quiet)        D
Glad to find any time alone

         Em           C
And it's summer once again

G          D
The days unfold

Em                  C
But they're not our own

G       D              G
Remember our life back then

Em        D         G
We shared one small room

Em    D         G
And a bed and a chair

G          D
I close my eyes

Em           C
You touch my hand

G           D       G
You smile...and I'm there

C                      G
You're the same girl I loved back then...


    G           D
For now and all time

       Em              C
You'll be that girl of mine

         G         D      C
From the summer of eighty nine

G  D  (then Dsus > G)


(there’s a slight walk-down of sorts in that D chord that heads back to the G…just lift your finger off the high E string and allow it to ring before hitting the G.  Listen to a copy for reference.)

       G          D
And we danced all night
And we danced all night