Time Loves A Hero

Little Feat


Chorus/Main Riff: E                    

Well they say time loves a hero, but only time will tell

If he's real, he's a legend from heaven

If he ain't he was sent here from hell



Hear me well

Seein' ain't always believin'                        

Just make sure it's the truth that you're seein'     

C                   D                                

Eyes sometimes lie, eyes sometimes lie                     Intro/Main Riff:

They can be real deceivin'                       e-------------------------------------                                             B-------------------------------------

E                D  A                            G-------------------------------------

I got an Uncle in   Puerto Rico                  D-----2-------------------------------

B7sus4                                          A---------2h4--2—(2)------2-----------

Spends his days in the sun                      E---0-----------------3h4----2~h3-0---

    E         G#    F#                         

His nights in the casinos

E    D  A                           B7sus4

            He left the States many years ago

B7sus4                 G      D  A

Took a fishin' boat to Puerto Rico


Now my aunt, she is sad and lonely


She'll never know that she drove him away


As a coward I admire his courageous ways



Piano lead over Chorus



Chorus: E & D

Well they say time loves a hero

But only time will tell

If he's real, he's a legend from heaven

If he ain't he’s a mouthpiece from hell



Guitar Solo over Intro then Chorus, then to the A-D-E  (gotta feel it out)

Walk Up: C#m (hold)   C > D > E



E  D A                         B7sus4

       Some say my uncle, that he's a zero

    E                   G#      F#      B7sus4

His life as a shell, he left it back at Stateside

E  D A                         B7sus4

       I'd say he's doin' well,  without his shell

B7sus4                        G      D  A 

Bummin 'round the beaches of Puerto Rico


The beauty of the sunrise and sunset, to his friends he wish he could tell


They're at home still runnin' for bells


Better San Juan than that blue collar hell


Repeat Chorus #1


Guitar Solo over Chorus Melody > last chorus “tiiiime loves a hero” & “so they say”