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Walk Away (Words and Music By Joe Walsh)
Copyright 1971 Duchess Music Corp. and Home Made Music

This is one of the most fun songs to play it gives you time to kick back and lay down a nice rift. I have found for chording that barr chords sound best but play it how you like.

I got the lyrics of a Joe Walsh album Page actuary sings the WRONG WORDS so use what ever words you want. And there is no timing so figure out that one on your own.

A->D,  A->D,  A->D,  A->E-D  PLAY 2X
then on B string at the 12 fret with a full bend and a roll down  PLAY 2X
A->D,  A->D,  A->D,  A->E-D 

A                      D          A                        D
Takin' my time,            choosin' my line,
A                     D       A          E-D
Try'n' to decide what to do.
A                             D      A                             D
Looks like my style,       don't wanna get off,
A                  D             A        REST
Got myself hung up on you.

F#m                                  D
Seems to me, you don't wanna talk about it.
F#m                                 D                       E              A                 Bm-C-Bm
Seems to me, you just turn your pretty head and walk away.

The rest of the song is the same (I's not hard so you most likely got the idea)

Places I've known, things that I'm growin',
don't taste the same without you.
I got myself in, the worst mess I been in,
and I find myself startin' to doubt you.

Seems to me, don't go mad here come the mornin'.
Seems to me, you just forget what we said and greet the day.

Cool myself down, stompin' around,
thinkin' some words, I can't blame ya.
Meet ya half way, I got nothin' to say,
still I don't s'pose I can blame ya.