Trey Anastasio A Case of Ice and Snow

Phil Myers... - Transcribed from the 92nd Street Y Acoustic solo version... corrections and comments welcome.
A (x0222x) G (3200xx)
Windows...3 long years to go.
Winter...Strung out, and she knows...
Play this chord note by note starting at the D (x5403x), then slide it down to do the same thing only at the C (x3201x)
A case of ice and snow.
Back to the A G
Flat out...nowhere left to go.
Summer...sunshine, time to grow...
open chords here
'Spun 'round...held down...a case of ice and snow...
(This part is tricky, if someone can correct me please do, here is my best guess, it sounds right):
-0--0----10-9--7---- repeat
...Visions gone, illusions, my decisions...
...and the walls begin to break down.
Left me here alone I'm cold and I'm 'spun 'round...
------------------------------0 ----------------------------0
------------------------------3 go back to the beginning, --1
------------------------------4-second time here go to this-2
------------------------------5-chord here, then back up----3
...a case of ice and snow...'spun 'round...a case of ice and snow.
You get the idea, listen to it and this should help you get it.