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Boomerang Music - Boomerang

Trey's Rig

I would like to thank Brian Brian Brown (Trey's tech) and Glenn Goldstein from Hard Truckers for the updates. If you have any additional pics or updates, please email them to me! admin@strangedesign.org

Trey uses this quite a bit to create loops on the fly and keep stacking more loops on top. He can also play live leads backwards!

This effect is in the 1st of the 4 loops in the CAE 4x4. There are actually 3 effects in this same loop.
Lp(1): CAE Super Tremelo > Whammy II > Boomerang

The Boomerang has been customized, Brian hot wired the "once" function (on the circuit board) and sent it to the Boss FS-5U (momentary switch unlatched) so Trey can sing and comfortably trigger the boomerang from a singing position instead of a playing position (where the boomerang is located on the carpet which is in the best position for playing).

Product Description

Click on the buttons above to view the User Manual for both version 1 and version 2 software.

Rang� Description
The Rang� is the coolest phrase sampler around. So what's a phrase sampler? It's a musical tool that records, makes loops, adds parts (as many as you want), plays in reverse, plays back faster or slower than normal and more.

The Rang� is a rugged, steel floor pedal with six foot switches and a unique foot roller for volume control.

It can be a songwriter's scratch pad, a tireless partner for rehearsing or jamming, and an amazing live performance tool. Best of all, using a Rang� will improve your playing, and as a recent magazine article says, it has "a knock out fun factor."

Rang� Features

Easiest to use phrase sampler on the planet. It's set up for hands free operation; a single button press controls most functions.

2 independent loops. There are a couple of ways to move seamlessly between loops. One mode, called AB1, smoothly transitions to loop B, plays it once, then goes back to playing loop A, all with one button press.

After creating a loop, additional parts can be layered in forward or reverse.

The STACK button, which adds parts, can be either latching or momentary - your choice.

There are 7 decay rates to choose from: 1 is no decay, 2 provides about 22 repeats (the rate of the original Rang�), 3 thru 6 are progressively quicker and 7 is slapback (1 repeat). The faster decay rates and latching STACK button make the Rang� a great tap tempo delay. You can use loop A as a phrase sampler and loop B as a traditional delay effect. Independent decay rates can be set for loops A and B.

The RECORD button can be programmed to be disabled during playback. Some folks don't want to worry about hitting it while adjusting the foot roller.

5 slow speeds. All are musically related to normal speed. Your choices are: down a 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th or octave. Playback tempo is slowed and pitch is dropped by the chosen interval.

Live reverse leads! The Rang� has a mode where it records and plays back simultaneously, producing the "reversed tape" sound used by Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and others.

Long recording time. Time ranges from 1 min. 27 sec. to 4 min. 16 sec. depending on which sample rate you chose. Sample rates range from 24 KHz down to 8 KHz. All samples are 16 bit with no compression.

Power supply is included.

Made in Texas by musicians for musicians.

Boomerang Music - Boomerang Boomerang Music - Boomerang Boomerang Music - Boomerang

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