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Fender Deluxe Reverb

Trey's Rig

I would like to thank Brian Brian Brown (Trey's tech) and Glenn Goldstein from Hard Truckers for the updates. If you have any additional pics or updates, please email them to me! admin@strangedesign.org

Trey plays through a Fender Deluxe Reverb. I recently asked Bian Brown what mods were made to his amp. Here was his reply.

"The first tube that the guitar signal meets inside the amp is a 12AT7 (instead of 12AX7). The "Vibrato" circuit was reconfigured into a "midrange boost" (we added another pot and knob to the front face of the amp where the 2nd input usually went). We replaced the stock speaker (Utah 12") with a Celestion Blue Alnico 12". "

Trey has a Custom Amp Selector to choose to play through channel 1 or channel 2 on the Deluxe Reverb. (Rhythm / Lead). If you look at the diagram at www.treyanastasio.com you will notice that there are 2 cables going into channel 1 and channel 2 on the amp.

Product Description

The 22-watt (at 8 ohms) ’65 Deluxe Reverb amp is for rock, country or blues players who want a moderately powered amp they can crank up on the gig or in the studio. The fat, snappy guitar tones heard on many of our favorite recordings, from Memphis to Abbey Road, were made using the Deluxe amp.

Features include a pair of 6V6 Groove Tube™ output tubes, one 5AR4 rectifier tube, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 12AT7 tubes, one 12” 8-ohm Jensen® C-12K speaker, dual channels (normal and vibrato), tube-driven Fender reverb, tube vibrato, two-button footswitch for reverb and vibrato on-off, black textured vinyl covering and silver grille cloth.

Fender Deluxe Reverb Fender Deluxe Reverb Fender Deluxe Reverb

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