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Twist Bass Tab by Phish from MrMinor3@aol.com This is from Farmhouse. Intro (they don't always do this part): G--------------------------------| D--5-----3-----------------------| A-----5-----3--5----5-----3------| E----------------------6-----3---| Verse: (This is just an example of something Mike plays. It changes a little bit every time.) G------------------| D------------------| A-----------3---5--| E---3---6----------| This is a fill he uses as an extension to the above part. It happens at around 0:37 into the song on the album. G------------------|----------3-----| D------------------|-----3h5-----5--| A-----------3---5--|--5-------------| E---3---6----------|----------------| This the part that leads to the "Whoo!" Listen for the timing, some of the notes are on the upbeat G-------------------------| D--5--3-------------------| A--------5--3-----(Whoo)--| E--------------6---3------| Just groove in G minor pentatonic (G Bb C D F) during the jam, until it comes back to the main part.